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About Us

Our Services 

At Homelife Online Store, we don’t only just pride ourselves on our huge selection of quality construction materials but also the services we provide to our customers. Our Services include but not limited to:

Special Orders:

Are you looking for an em but cannot find it in anywhere in Malaysia. Our online store? We’l glad to make a special order for you. Do contact us!


Expert Advice:

When you buy at Homelife you have the option of seeking advice from our trained staff who sell our products



Fast Delivery service by trusted courier and we delivery

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to our business. Being available, listening and doing our best always are central to delivering value to all our customers.

Team Work:

We strive to work together to archive much more than we can archive alone. Together we overcome any setbacks and together we celebrate our success.



We strive to honest and fair at all times in our dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors and each other


Market leader:

Through our passion and commitment, we aim to be a market leader in our key markets. To maintain our position as a market leader we must continue to add value in all we do.

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