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IIRWIN - Spring Clamps

FeaturesHigh-tech resin construction provides strength and durabilityNon-marring pads protect workpieceSpecially designed jaws hold odd-shaped workpieces..

RM26.00 RM29.50

IRWIN - 18MM Standard Snap - Off Screw knife with 3 Blade

DESCRIPTIONIrwin Snap-Off Knife features a bi-metal blade.A performance knife featuring a manual screw for locking the blade in the required position.A stainless steel blade guide; cartridge for stori..


IRWIN - 8 Pcs Flat Drill Bit Sets

DESCRIPTION Patented groove point and cutting edge cutting edges 'Cut' (does not scrape) the wood 4x faster. Parabolic scoop optimise control and removal of wood chips.  Increased relief angle FR..

RM105.00 RM120.00

IRWIN - ALL Terrain Professional Kneepad

DESCRIPTIONFinding the right set of kneepads is hard. Much of the time people have to base their choices on a series of compromises - if they need to pedal they sacrifice protection, if they want prot..

RM145.80 RM162.00

IRWIN - Bench Jointer Plane

FeaturesIRWIN Record bring decades of experience and well proven design in this fine range of woodworking planes.Smoothing planes are the most frequently purchased planes used for final finishing work..

RM576.00 RM640.00

IRWIN - Carpenter Gloves

DESCRIPTIONBetter Grip, long life reinforced thumb palm and fingertipsOpen Finger desgin allow for better dexterityKnuckles padded with perforated Neoprene CODE SIZE PRICE 10503829 XL RM1..


IRWIN - Door Installation Kit Set

FEATURESBi-Metal Door Lock Installation Kit For Metal & Wood DoorsThis product is highly durableThis product is manufactured in China.Bi-Metal hole saws for metal and wood doorsFits all interior a..

RM89.90 RM97.50


FEATURESThe Irwin Double Wide Tool Bag is designed to hold and protect tools. It has two large compartments for hand tools and power tools; and smaller compartments for screws and nails.The bag comes ..

RM299.90 RM325.00

IRWIN - Fiberglass Handle Claw hammer

1. Forged Steel Hammer Head - Tempered, polished and forged steel hammer head. 2. High-Strength Fiberglass Handle - Industrial-grade epoxy securely anchores hammer head to high-strength fiberglass han..

RM49.90 RM54.00

IRWIN - FK250 Folding Utility Knife (With 3 Blade)
IRWIN - Flat Drill Bits

DESCRIPTIONPatented groove point and cutting edge cutting edges 'cut' (does not scrape) the wood 4X faster.Parabolic scoop optimises control and removal of wood chips Increased re..


IRWIN - Gel Kneepad

DESCRIPTIONThese all Terrain Ultra Knee Pads provide the highest protection and padding. The padding is a Breathable Perforated Neoprene cushion with unique ribbed design, ensuring superior comfort.Th..

RM195.90 RM230.00

IRWIN - Gen Construction GLoves

FEATURESThe Irwin General Purpose Construction Gloves have two layers of synthetic suede on palms for comfort and extended wear with rubberised fingertips for better gripping and are made with form-fi..

RM139.90 RM152.00

IRWIN - General Purpose G-Clamps

DESCRIPTION Ideal for both metal and woodworking applications, the IRWIN Records 120 is the most popular and widely used of G-Clamps  CODE SIZE  FRAME PROOF LOAD 120/3 3" 455kg 120/4 ..


IRWIN - General Purpose Snips

DESCRIPTION Unique non-slip joint set and tested for a project. This should be re-adjusted only after sharpening. Double, hollow ground blades reduce friction for easier cutting. Induction hardening m..

RM55.50 RM61.00

IRWIN - Groovelock Water Pump Plier

DESCRIPTION GrooveLock pliers are designed with twice the number of groove positions of traditional groove joint pliers to deliver optimal hand and jaw positioning providing a superior grip. The speci..

RM135.00 RM148.00

IRWIN - Handi Quick Grip Clamp

DESCRIPTIONIRWIN Quick-Grip ratchet adjustable clamp with quick release level which provides a fast and effective method of securing the majority of workpieces. They are manufactured from a durable gl..

RM27.90 RM31.00

IRWIN - Heavy Duty Jobsite Glove

DESCRIPTION Irwin Heavy-Duty Construction gloves offer protection from sharp materials whilst providing dexterity; comfort and style. These highly durable gloves use abrasion resistant mater..

RM129.90 RM135.00

IRWIN - Jab Saw

DescriptionThe Irwin Jab saw is manufactured with a hardened and tempered blade with aggressive tooth design for improved cutting performance and greater removal of waste material. It features a sharp..

RM49.90 RM56.00

IRWIN - Jeweller' s Shears 7"

DESCRIPTION Short blade light duty snips used by jewellers, silversmiths and model marks   CODE SIZE CUTTING CAPACITY Tg56 7"/175mm 1.2mm..

RM48.00 RM52.00

IRWIN - Malleable Adjustable Spoke Shave

A151 Flat Malleable Adjustable Spokeshave - It is a useful tool for convex curves The malleable iron handles are virtually unbreakable and designed for a lifetimes use The fully adjustable cutter..

RM120.00 RM132.00

IRWIN - PE SO Knife Bulk

FEATURESSelf-locking blade adjustment.With a removable end-cap which can assist breakage of each blade segment.With carbon blade.CODESIZEPCS/BOXIW105065469mm12PCSIW1050654718mm12PCS..


IRWIN - Philips Pro Comfort Screwdrivers

DESCRIPTION Irwin Pro Comfort Screwdrivers are ideal for professional and heavy duty users. Ergonomically designed two-component handle offer a comfortable grip and maximum torque. Chrome vanadium ste..

RM60.00 RM66.00

IRWIN - Pro Comfort Screwdrivers

Features1. Magnetic Tip - Magnetic Tip offer secure grip on fasteners.2. CHROME VANADIUM STEEL - Chrome vandium steel ensures high durability3. HEX BOLSTER - Round Blade with hex bolster for incresing..

RM10.30 RM11.50

IRWIN - Pro Soft-Side Tool Organiser

Description Lightweight 600 denier polyester material for durability and comfort Padded handle features reinforced stiching for extra strength Extra wide opening provides easy access to all toolsCODES..

RM99.90 RM190.00

IRWIN - Pro Structural Foam Toolbox

DESCRIPTIONThe Irwin heavy-duty structural foam and rainproof toolbox features a lid for small parts and a comfortable grip with rubberised handle. The box is easy to lift via side grips and the rust ..

RM399.90 RM470.00

IRWIN - Professional Tape Measures

DescriptionIRWIN professional tape measures are engineered to provide a comfortable grip and verstile measuring convenience with enhanced features.   CODE SIZE STAND OUT T13949 3Mx16MM 1.2m..

RM19.50 RM22.00

IRWIN - R500 Pantograph Hand Riveters

FEATURESAccordion type riveter used primarily for joining two or more materials with rivets; can be used with steel rivets; aluminium or mixedStrong and compact body; manufactured with high strength a..

RM199.90 RM0.00

IRWIN - Standard Retractable Utility Knife

DESCRIPTIONStrong die Cast aluminium body with 19 angled nose for greater comfort and to reduce strain.Magnetised blade prevents blade from falling out when casing is openScrew is threaded into alumin..


IRWIN - Step Drills



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